Monday, June 22, 2009

Women are by nature Democrats.

I base this on observations of my wife in her wildflower garden. If it were up to me, whichever flowers thrived in our soil and microclimate would be the ones I'd want. But laissez-faire Libertarianism is not for her. She feels a compulsion to mercilessly uproot anything healthy and lush lest it "take over". Species that struggle to survive, however, are pampered. Success is punished and weakness is subsidized. It's the American economic system in microcosm. As a result, the "wildflower garden" is mostly bare dirt with a few struggling, scraggly flowers and a lot of opportunistic weeds. Like I said, the American economic system in microcosm.


PJ said...

Yet again...simply brilliant!!

Cheesebeast said...

As both the producer as well as the consumer of the product in question- the wildflower- she is following the capitalist model.

Some wildflowers are of more value than others. She is willing (as they are more valuable) to work harder to obtain these products. The lesser and inferior products can not compete in her value system- even though they are low price and are abundant. She will not compromise her value system in order to take the low hanging fruit, such as it is (which is good for you if you get my continental drift).

The bottom line is her choices are value driven, and hence rational.

Frankly, her focus is more "up market" than what you offer- which is little more than a jumble of weeds.

I think your true desire is to see a weed-eat-beget-weed festival of carnal delights. A combination of horticulture and the excesses of the Roman Colliseum circa AD 85.

Isn't your approach:
"Why weed it? I say we see who WINS!"

Enjoy the multiflora roses...

Survival Chick said...

Hahaha! Love this post...