Friday, January 22, 2010

Everyone needs Three Hats

And a baseball cap doesn't count for any of them. One for sun, one for cold, and one for rain.

My wife somehow manages to look cute in any hat, and I can't seem to look anything but goofy. Even the dog looks better in hats than I do.

I've given up on fashion statements and put function ahead of form. For sun, I still have the hat Uncle Sam gave me. It's seen the world. For cold, watch caps or government surplus. For rain, nothing beats the traditional sou'wester, not even a hood.


Tim Smith said...

Great post. I've watched hundreds of people get sunburned, soaked and frozen wearing baseball caps.

Cheesebeast said...

Your hat choices seem a tad pedestrian. What about a nice bowler or a stiff top hat?

Frankly I pictured you more of a bicorn hat man- a tall felt job with fringe and a medallion on the side of it. Sort of a Horatio Hornblower-esque statement of mental instability and derring-do.

When someone commented on your felt bicorn, you could proudly inform them that it was made of beaver felt. Naturally the beavers in question you strangled with your bare hands and then you skinned them with a hand-knapped flint knife.

Then you could relate to them that you once moonlighted as a unlicensed haberdasher. It was all gravy until the Guild caught wind and you had to slip out of London under the cover of a dense fog.

I believe you can tell a lot about a man by his choice of hat.

I like to hunt chipmunks while wearing a pith helmet. Yes, I am serious.

planB said...

They say that over time a dog begins to look like its master, or is it the master begins to look like the dog. Poor Ajax, lucky you.