Friday, October 2, 2009

Wild Edibles: Pears

Okay, maybe "feral" is more accurate than "wild". From a neglected tree on an old farmstead. I picked up about 30 pounds of fresh drops, while others fell all around me. I could easily have picked up a couple hundred pounds. They're delicious, with almost no insect damage. They're laying in Sheep Sorrel, by the way, so I ate some of that, too. It was a good combination.


-Humongous said...

I just found this blog thanks to one of the only bloggers I follow. I like what I see. I was a bit concerned when I read about eating pears that had some sheep sorrel on them. I had to wikipedia sorrel, and was very relieved to find that it's a plant, and not dung. Rock on.

sbkittrell said...

Strange thing, pear trees. Mine produced almost NO pears this summer, but now, in the middle of October, they are full of small unripe pears. It'll be interesting to see if they mature before the first frost, which may be as late as December down here, if I'm lucky.