Monday, February 9, 2009


I'm a southern boy displaced to 43.66 North, so I take warm clothes seriously. I've given up on gloves, my fingers get cold even when I put those disposable handwarmers inside. These mittens are the best I've come across, and they were remarkable bargains. 

Those on the left are Swedish military surplus. Canvas with leather palms and removable wool inserts. They're light, and they dry quickly when I hang them near the woodstove. I bought ten pairs for $35 total, and that should be a lifetime supply if I die when I'm supposed to. 

On the right are German military surplus, leather with fur backs. They have sewn-in liners, and I've been wearing US surplus wool liner gloves inside them as well. They've been warm even when dog-sledding in bitter cold and strong winds. I can't remember exactly what I paid for them, but it was in the neighborhood of $8 or $9 a pair, and I wish I'd bought a truckload. 

On both styles, I like the long gauntlets that can be cinched snug. And as with most military surplus, I appreciate their rugged simplicity and drab colors. 

Spring's coming, it might pay to surf the online surplus stores for sales on gear for next winter. 

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