Monday, February 9, 2009

Thrift Store Score

Came across a heavy-duty canvas duffle. It has an NSN (National Stock Number), so it was made for some government contract. I bought it for $5. It looks new, or at least it did until my dog slept on it. Your tax dollars at work. Thank you. I plan on using it to store and organize the emergency gear I keep in my car trunk.

Also found a very heavy-duty waterproof anorak made by Patagonia. $35. It'll go inside the aforementioned duffle, since my cars always seem to break down in the pouring rain late at night. The bright color and reflective strips might be comforting while I change a tire.

Fleece neck gaiter and watch cap, $3 each. Into the duffle.

Fire extinguisher from a store that went out of business, $10. It'll look lovely near the woodstove.

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