Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Only the Police should have Guns."

"It's their job to protect us."

Two friends who don't think quite like I do made those comments after reading my post about shotguns for home defense. I wanted to make a few additional points, but their minds are made up and they aren't going to listen. So I'll make them here:

1. Department budgets being what they are, cops tend to be rather poorly trained with firearms.  Most qualify once or twice a year on a square range, and that's about it. They have no special magical superhuman qualifications. 

2. "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away." The police very rarely show up while a crime is in progress. They show up after it's all over and make a report.  Call the police and order a pizza, see which one comes first.

3. The movers and shakers in the anti-gun movement (Obama, Biden, Hillary Clitler, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, George Soros, Dianne Feinstein, Rosie O'Donnel, et al.) have one thing in common: Armed security, 24/7. They obviously value their lives and believe in a right to self-defense. Just not yours.

4. Helpless passivity may be a good choice for you. Fine. No one is challenging your right to be a pacifist. Just don't legislate everyone else into victimhood along with you.


sam said...

A pacifist is someone who makes the choice not to use violence when that option is available to them. So many people who are simply incapable of looking after themselves hide behind it as a shield yet without having the ability to use violence how can you give it up?
You're lucky to live somewhere you can have a gun for defense. Not a possibility in most of Europe. As a result only police and those who break the law have access. Hardly the safest of situations!

Anonymous said...

Your friends are the same type of people who sat around in New Orleans waiting for the government to come "rescue" them instead of walking out on their own. The tendency of people to rely on the government to bail them out, will have tragic consequences when and if the economy, government, and society really does collapse. There'll be a lot of skeletons sitting on porches in that instance.