Thursday, April 9, 2009

Telling the Proletariat from the Bourgeoisie

You can't tell the proletariat from the bourgeoisie by their net worth. Your neighbor with all the tattoos who made it really big in scrap metal still is still proletarian. 

You can tell the proletariat from the bourgeoisie by their attention (or lack thereof) to dental care. 

That guy your sister's dating who seems a bit off to you? Look at his teeth.


Wallenstein said...

That's us Brits kinda screwed then ;-) We're all proles on that criterion!

Maestro said...

Neither of those terms apply here. Marxist ideology was set in a time where upwards mobility was nonexistent. Today anyone can become 'burgeoise' if they want. Dell? Gates? Wozniak/Jobs? They were all sons of middle class and working class families that made themselves some of the richest SOBs in the world by being smart and working their asses off.

There are no aristocrats in the USSA, only the smart and hardworking and the dumb and lazy. Your abilities will determine where you go.

Oblio13 said...

You're right. Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak and Steven Jobs are all smart dudes who worked hard and became bourgeoisie.

And none of them have rotting, missing or crooked teeth. ;)