Friday, May 15, 2009

Gringos in Mexico

The Mexican hotel I'm writing this from has a brunch buffet you have to see to believe. All sorts of exotic ethnic foods, not just latin, and a fruit bar with varieties I've never seen or heard of before. I gorged myself into a paralytic torpor. Right now I'm laying on the bed in my room like an anaconda that swallowed a pig, with my computer balanced on top of my distended belly. 

I couldn't help but notice during my orgy of gluttony that I was the only one trying anything unusual. Most looked at the strange foods, said "Ew", and moved on to the sorts of things available at McDonald's.

I also notice that the hotel's pools are crowded, but almost no one swims in the ocean.

Why do people bother leaving home if they're determined not to experience anything unfamiliar? 

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PJ said...

Guy I used to work with went waterskiing in Mexico. Damned near killed him. The parasite he picked up ended up costing him his lower intenstine.

THAT is why everyone is swimming in the pool instead of the ocean down there.