Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hmm, what can I use a dead catfish for?

Found a big dead catfish along the shore of the lake. Popped it into a crawfish trap overnight and caught four large ones. Not exactly a hearty meal by themselves, but they'll sure add protein, flavor and interest to a cup of rice.

Crawfish live around rocks, and they feed at night. The ones you see near shore are usually too small to bother with. The big ones seem to like at least ten feet of water. The best bait is fresh fish.

Update: After several days, the selfless catfish is still producing. Surprising how much of it has been consumed by the trapped crawfish. They have remarkable appetites, but there's still a bit left. I've been moving the trap every day. On the worst days, I've caught nothing. This was my best day:


Cheesebeast said...

I am confident I have never asked myself:
"Hmm, what can I use a dead catfish for?"

That said, I will naturally have to weigh in on this fishy subject.

I would get a basket full of that fake green grass plastic stuff and I would build a really interesting gift basket around it.

I would freeze the fish and use it for a hammer. Until it thawed out or broke.

I would be tempted to stuff it in the ventilation vents for the HVAC system in the US Capitol building. Note, I said TEMPTED.

I would not hug it but I would name it George.

I would do a post mortem on the fish and determine the cause of its untimely demise. If the culprit is chemical in nature I would write a book about the ailing state of our environment and publish it to wide international acclaim. No, wait. That is what Rachel Carlson would have done.

I would photograph the fish and then photoshop on some really pithy sayings, creating a whole new internet phenomenon.

I would attempt to re-animate the fish using high voltage. OK, fine. I know it wouldn't work but it would look really cool hanging from an overhead powerline.

I would stuff a walkie-talkie in the mouth and scare passers-by with the old talking dead catfish trick.

I would poke it with a stick (I know you already did that).

Oblio13 said...

Cheesebeast! I thought you were dead!

Cheesebeast said...

Dead? Nah. I was just lurking. In other words, ease up with the stick!

I had to break cover cause I am a sucker for deep philosophical questions regarding dead fish.