Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Moving a Big Rock: Exercise and a Primal Sense of Accomplishment

This rock has been an annoying hazard off the end of our dock since we bought this house. I mentioned it to a friend, and he loaned me an amazing machine called a "Tirfor Grip Hoist". It amounts to a super-heavy-duty-come-along. Bought a nylon tow strap made for tanks from a surplus store, strapped the Grip Hoist to a big oak tree, wrapped logging chains around the rock, and moved it a couple hundred feet, half an inch at a time. From where it's been since the last ice age to where it'll be until the next one. Took all day and was the kind of workout yuppies in California pay a lot of money for.

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jqfrederick said...

Cool tools is actually a nice site to check about once a week--filled with stuff exactly like this, some useful, some not...

Nice to see that a "cool tool" is actually a cool tool