Friday, October 2, 2009

Gear that Works: Silky "Katanaboy" Folding Saw

This is a very large folding arborist's saw - the blade is 20" long. I was a little tentative about buying one, as with shipping it came to $140. Fortunately, it was a good investment. It's been pruning our trees, and will be replacing the bow saw for this winter's camping trips. It's a little heavy at two pounds, but cuts significantly faster and more efficiently, has a longer reach, is easier to maneuver into tight spots, and more compact to transport. It's also safer, as there's no temptation to put your hand alongside the blade, even to start it. When folded, the blade is completely covered, with no separate guard to fiddle with or misplace. It sectioned some fair-sized red maple and hop hornbeam logs, both dry and green, with no trouble.


Sgt. Jarhead said...

Looks like a great tool. I am interested in getting one now.

Eric The Cleric said...

How does one of these saws compare to a bahco saw? Have you used both?

Anonymous said...

Great Review.

Best regards,

Silky Europ