Sunday, September 5, 2010

Daughters on a Rampage

My college-age feminist daughters, filled with college-age feminist moral outrage, have joined the crusade to end pornography. I would think it was cute, except that the movement seems to be gaining some traction.

Where does erotica end and porn begin?

Who should have the authority to tell you what you may and may not look at? The sort of government bureaucrats who brought us the IRS and the DMV? Sanctimonious hypocrites with a religious agenda? Feminists who majored in 'gender studies' and see oppression in every shadow?

Because those are the folks who will concern themselves with the issue while the rest of us are busy earning a living.

Even if it's desirable to limit what people may look at, is it possible?

Last but not least, do they not understand that if it weren't for porn, the internet would still be just a few pencil-necked geeks sending each other bad jokes in Klingon?


Jeff Olson ~ Artist/Blacksmith said...

Good post. Sorry for your trouble. I have a daughter like that too. I feel your pain.


planB said...

The Supreme Court, our constitution, and thousands of years of history will have to be overcome, not to mention human nature. It is unfortunate they do not direct their energy and enthusiasm toward a challenging goal that might be achieved. In the mean time I have no doubts that on line 3-D video will be pioneered by the porn industry.

Tobiah said...

I think I will stick to curbing poverty and empowering communities. But I do think that Porn is very degrading to women. It's sort of a crash course in how to become abusive to women and I can see how they would take offense.

I stay away from the stuff just because I grew up with a single mom and three sisters and I can't stand seeing women abused, or disrespected. Porn, the whole "facial movement", it's all there to degrade and make the man with the little mouse feel powerful. I am not actively trying to protest this at the moment, but I say, "more power to ya sisters"!

It's better that your daughters are fighting against porn rather than being a part of it like most college girls right?

Sinnerman said...

Perhaps they need to be introduced to the writings of a different breed of feminist.