Saturday, December 20, 2008

I am not making this up:

A man called into our local radio station to talk about his experiences during the last winter storm. He described running out of firewood and being unable to keep his house warm. The DJ asked why he didn't go to a shelter or a friend's house. The caller said that he couldn't because there were trees down all over the roads.

I waited for the DJ to ask him why he didn't use the trees for firewood, or why he didn't just get out of his car and walk. But apparently neither of those thoughts occurred to her, either.  

We have a water-comes-out-of-the-tap culture, and we've become helpless and dependent.

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PJ said...

Better late than never I suppose.

Had the same experience in Southern Ohio a long time ago. I kid you not, one of the locals was interviewed for TV and said, "...we didn't have no water or nothin'" while he is standing in four feet of snow.

You simply can not make this stuff up.