Monday, December 8, 2008

Rendering bear fat

Drove down to a friend's cabin in the Catskills. I shot a doe and a coyote, he shot a bear. We rendered the fat in the fireplace and used it in an old Betty lamp.

If you get the urge to try this, I'm told that pork fat works just as well, and it'd be a lot easier to come by. Cut it into small chunks, and heat it slowly in an uncovered pot (you want all the water to evaporate). Skim off the "floaters", then ladle the oil off the solids that settle to the bottom. You may want to render it more than once. Old timers used bear oil for cooking, lubricating and as a lotion.


ninjapoodles said...

I would dearly love to make some soap out of bear fat. Mainly just to SAY, "My skin? Why, I wash it with bear-soap, thank you."

Anonymous said...

Very nice.... I am planning on doing that also with my next bear.